Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The "Snub-Nose Print Owner's Workshop Manual" Available Now

The official, comprehensive, board-certified guide to the Snub-Nose Print Catalog. Whether or not you collect it, the "Snub-Nose Owner's Workshop Manual" will show you how and can help you save money on collecting affordable 'street art'. A Snub-Nose Manual will help you start, or round off your collection. Only Snub-Nose Manuals show the original and best prints from the home of the Snub-Nose format, Brooklynite Gallery. 

Limited Edition of 125, hardcover-bound book with dust jacket/2 sided poster.  Featuring images and specs on over 55 prints & invites from 2008-2013. Snub-Nose Prints are pocket-sized prints introduced by Brooklynite in 2008 and sold for about the cost of a taxi ride. Included are 3 of the 6 exclusive prints made for this book. ENX, Stinkfish, Mau Mau, RAE, Carl Cashman and Omega. Print choices are on a first come first serve basis. $125

Standard Edition, hardcover-bound book. Featuring images and specs on over 55 prints and invites from 2008-2013. Includes a sticker pack featuring various artists. $80

Check them out now at www.BrooklyniteGallery.com SHOP / EXTRA's SECTION