Tuesday, March 3, 2009



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Have you ever thought ART is LIFE? Ever wonder what a
TV channel dedicated to Street Art and the culture that
surrounds it would look like?

Well look no further...

In the not to distant future, BrooklyniteGallery.com will
launch the very first on-line, streaming TV channel dedicated
to showing only 'street art related' content 24/7.

We've put together the best of the internet as well as
produced our own EXCLUSIVE, entirely FREE programming
. . .some of which will be LIVE.

This means, LIVE interviews, LIVE murals and LIVE extensive
video coverage of our openings with no fees, software to
download, or sign ups ...Nothing else to do but see great
content from today's top artists as well as introductions to
fresh new emerging ones.

Imagine being able to tune in any time to LIVE programming
covering the spectrum of street art; the freshest, most
innovative work from around the world, and everything that
goes into making it?

You'll see the inspirations: BASQUIAT, WARHOL, HARING and
MATISSE, PICASSO, DUCHAMP. We'll also shine a light on
the music, culture, major cities and hidden wellsprings
that exude ART.

Oh and did we mention LIVE CHAT too?

Being held captive? Can't make it out to a show here at
Brooklynite Gallery? Well how about watching a LIVE broadcast
event of the MISS BUGS / JOE BLACK opening in April hosted by
LEON REID IV? Catch the vibe of the event including a special
musical performance (TBA) and interviews with guests all while
chatting LIVE about the art, the show, and what you want more of.

. . . Our content includes YOU.

We want to connect the worldwide audience of Street Art
enthusiasts together with everything that fuels Street Art.
We will be there with a barrage of content to thoroughly
represent the present, explore the influences, and help
forecast where it's going.

To suggest programming and even submit videos of your own,
please send your links and ideas to-


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