Monday, June 28, 2010


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snub-nose ("snbnz")
1. Having a short, turned-up nose.
2. Having an extremely short barrel: a snub-nosed pistol.
3. Pocket-Sized prints introduced by Brooklynite Gallery for the cost of a taxi-ride.

In the spirit of the "handmade invites" artists make to promote exhibitions they have at Brooklynite, we introduce "SNUB NOSE" Prints. Simply put these little postcard-size prints are full of TLC and pack quite a punch.

Beejoir's "Oil Can"

Broken Crow

Rae McGrath's "WEK"

Keep an eye on our SHOP/"EXTRAS" section for releases from artists such as BEEJOIR, MISS BUGS, PENNY, SPQR, KATHRYN MACNAUGHTON and more . . . Some already available!

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