Monday, June 7, 2010


OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, June 12, 7-10pm
Musical Guest: DJ REHKA spinning the sounds of Indian Bhangra

Brooklynite Gallery invites you to experience "Surface Tension", a joint exhibition featuring Guy Denning and David Walker, two artists, who through the human form, explore two different concepts, using two entirely different techniques.

Guy Denning

Wielding brushes and knives, Guy Denning battles a myriad of ideas that stir around in ones head in hopes that the visual translation might become the remedy. These disparate thoughts that don't connect to anyone or anything in particular are expressed through precarious self-portraits and female figures. Denning's canvases are layered with oil paint and medium thinners, then seemingly blasted with a fire-hose. His work has all the makings of a piece by a classically trained painter, yet the added angst of a back street fist-fight.

David Walker

The gestural approach Walker uses when creating his alluring female portraits can only be achieved using a self-imposed rule of "no brushes, only spray-paint" techniques. For Walker, the subject of his work inherently lies in the facial expression-- just the right one that is. Using found imagery pillaged from peoples photo albums, snapshots and old magazines, Walker's focus is on the subtleties of expressions, constantly in search of a precise emotion or tilt of the head that catches his eye and can expand the distance between his work and that of an intelligible portrait artist.

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Besides the visuals you'll experience inside and out in the rear of our gallery, DJ Rekha will supply you with her own brand of audio pleasure. She invites you on journey into a world that merges the traditional Bhangra music of South Asia and the Hip-Hop beats of today. Special dance performances to take place as well.

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Come see why The Village Voice says our opening night parties are "one of the three things that define the beginning of summer in NYC."

Brooklynite Gallery is located at 334 Malcolm X Blvd., Brooklyn, New York 11233. We are open Thursday thru Saturday from 1pm – 7pm or by appointment. We are located 2 blocks from the A or C subway to Utica Ave. stop.

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