Friday, May 20, 2011


Two series of Guy Denning stencil prints now available in our Shop/Prints Section.

It's not enough that Guy Denning has painting skills most would die for. Now comes his first foray into a stencil print series which packs a bold, powerful punch. Politically charged, emotionally poignant and beauty to boot, the title for this series is lifted from a poem by William Blake titled, On Another's Sorrow.

Executed on lightly coated newsprint, each stencil print measures 16 x 23 inches (58cm H x 41cm W) and is unique in color and embellishments. Each image is an edition of 33 and priced at $175 each.

Straight from Guy Denning...
"Each complete set consists of two different portraits. There are 33 of each portrait (one for each canto of the Purgatory). One is of a New York resident and the other of a Fallujah resident. The two pieces take their titles from the first two lines of a poem by William Blake: Can I see Another's Woe, And not be in sorrow too? Can I see another's grief, And not seek for kind relief?

At first the plan was to release a limited print, however the only medium available to me in my own studio would have been a wood or lino cut and I did not feel that it suited the subject matter.

I wanted to incorporate text so stenciling seemed appropriate, particularly since I've been using stenciled text in my paintings for years now. My method of building an image by stencil also allows a high degree of variation between repeated versions of the same idea.

This then became an exercise in personally further developing my competence in another paint media. I have now built for myself a method that allows me to produce a limited edition, that though bearing general similarities, hold an almost infinite capacity for individual experimentation.

Though each piece can take up to two hours painting time, it is still to some degree more dependent on a fixed, repeated method. I have arrived at something approaching serial paintings or repeat mono-prints and it's a method I will develop further in the future."

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